Thursday, January 22, 2009

unearth your enterprise in salted candy color glass

ages 3+up

parr-o-rama: through january 31

at janet borden

Parr Our mini-retrospective show of Martin Parr’s work, Parr-o-Rama is on exhibition at the gallery through January 31. From Parr’s earliest black and white prints through a dizzying array of bright color photographs Parr’s work chides the class consciousness and consumerism of the modern world.. He also takes a kind-hearted look at his fellow Brits and exposes their manners and foibles as well as their uncanny ability to enjoy themselves.

560 Broadway, New York NY 10012 | TEL 212 431 0166

my disparate dreams of yesterday, trailing behind in pungent acrylic waves.

(a delightful desktop cleaning)

easy as do re mi

para ti

thinking of you.

quilted union of hopeful meandered

i meant to post this on obamarama day but..for some reason i didn't....perhaps it was because i feel like a real douche for not planning a trip to d.c. to be there for the historic aretha hat..err, i mean happy march on the capital...c'est la turner texted, "once in a lifetime down the drain"..
cheers for mellow yellow, patchworked america..hats on to us.