Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ciao for now

the virgins video

labor day ladies/video vixens
fall time flats
we'd rather dolly down
considerately cuffed
professor black
turner , says the fall montra will be "slo yo ro"

white lightning victorian bling
turner's covetous cork ease
julias got jaunty jewish rosaries
tangles of bejangles
purple is the new masoud

turner called to inform me that they were shooting a music video for the virgin's down the street in bushwick. there were mirrors, cuffs, cameras, loads of neon nail polish, bling blang and poontang and some serious professionals. there was also cory kennedy + a lone pigeon in the fireplace+some radical chic's.
then it was off to marlow to be with suzeQ and cedez. i went about rounding the day with a gossip girl screening at kat and andrew's..[chuck bass+ i love you=8 letters amazing]
what a wonderful first day homestyle.
looking forward to fall with more boots + buddies
also please see the white lightning for more on this story

some spanish style