Thursday, March 6, 2008

the group show, "insinuations" opens at the temporary gallery

after a smooth ride over, we arrived at the temporary gallery only to run in to mr. carlos and shana. they were there to support the same fotographer friend as satu and celeste, mr. atisha paulson, who was super8ing his evening, much to my delight.
i lovelove me some chunky gold [-see below] and spotted this genius ring, which shana got at a pawn shop in chicago. and after an accessories inquisition from turnski, i was pleased to realize i was meeting, the 'shana', the owner of in god we trust whom i've heard so much of through the csf social chain gang..

welcome to tuleste market

turner introduced me, (as she so loves to do) to satu and celeste as a similarly-minded vintage loaner/collector, over cookies and wine last night. there was discussion of quality vintage chains, upcoming openings, norcal thrifting, and an uncanny bond over same sweet knit number [which i now know was made in japan]..
in under a year, these gals, satu and celeste greenberg, have done the impossible. by accessing their dreamy, pragmatic, and delightful selves and creating this [most fabulous] vintage inspired jewelry collection, called tuleste market.
walking into the home of tuleste market is like waking in a bauble junkies dream.. waking up to believe the perfect long chain has arrived, and's got an amazing clasp. for as you see, their attention to detail is impeccable and whimsical, each piece can be added to or twisted round the wrist, to create an alternate impression. and on top of all that, these sisters have spent enough time in thrift stores to know a nice looking pricetag and they are happily responding in kind. the simple yet intricate pieces are delightful on their own and completely badass when layered. and at $150 for a bold piece, the price point is made for gals like me who love [but can't generally afford] to layer new jewelry.
i was wowed, inspired and i recommend you, get thee to albertine, for as of now it's the only spot to buy the line.
thank you to my lovely hostesses for a lovely time and an addition to my obsession.
and thank you to ms. turner for continuing to hustle me about town..


eye level

came down to otto's shrunken head for the inaugural performance of norden bombsight. i missed the show but was pleased to see so many college of santa fe-ers out to support our budding rockstars...all was grand, except for the bartender who had a real bad attitude and almost a punch in the face. happily i was tethered by the friends in the fotobooth, out of bad mojo's way.

american gothic remix

illuminated instants

childhood champers chums

my first bff. the lovely ms. janie and i had another fantastic night of babbling and bonding at 212 restaurant. republican/democrat.uptown/downtown.flats/ married/not. real lanvin/fake hermes. we still make each other laugh and adore, no matter the seemingly opposing discrepancies.