Thursday, February 21, 2008

put it on your calendar for next saturday

DFA records dance party and "color chart" preview.
tix are $12 in advance and they recommend buying them ahead of time as they might sell out.

muzi quawson opens at yossi milo tonight

"pull back the shade"
525 w.25th

ry fyan opens at perry rubenstein tonight

"i can give you what you want"
527 w.23rd st


nj transit flair

she was happy i liked her brooch.
and i was happy she let me take her picture.

me"how much is it?
she"two twenty five
me"that's a great pin
she"smile, thank you
me"can i take a picture?
she"it's like 50 years old
me"yea, looks like vintage. i love it.umm let me just take a close up
me" thank you

she walked up the aisle
i got off the train

deer in headlights

i need to go spend a few days in a row at home, so i can shoot this properly. with my mamiya. but this is the way it goes in the new jersey suburbs..
dear deer accessorized with a plastic earring and choker.

decisions, decisions

he's a fan of my work

a day with the folks

in brief:

take away lunch with mumsa.
opera interruption, kombucha, a hawk sighting, divine garlic broccoli, gabbing and giggles

lifeplan talk with popsali.
grad school, princeton future, art teaching, exercise, and tennis ball chucking with dezziedog

my mum's green thumb