Monday, March 30, 2009

what a way to leave a lovely impression.

we had a houseguest and he makes divine drawings and fantastic films i thought you should know, go check out nicolas and his partners blog here+go to CANADA's main site to see their amazing music videos+ad work, amongst other delights.
(y muchas gracias nico!! we both adore the drawing.)
source fotos:

Sunday, March 29, 2009

she wil always be my first collector.

ms. katharine barthelme has quite the collection of sturges work. i went to her new west village apartment last week for a galpal catch up session, and was delighted to see how much of my work was hanging out...this years ball foto, london polaroids, last years mossy trike, a thesis print, a short lived pipe cleaner heart project, and some pop art candy sculptures from '03.
thanks love! more to come (whenever we can get together sans vino-we'll actually do some negotiation on the marilyn piece:)...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

you left the door open and she flew away.

top foto:
dad's bedroom in maine. artyom's birthday. 2005.
bottom foto:
kat's new cape. hamptons. 2007.

Friday, March 20, 2009

you are so becoming this time of year.

walmart undies.
santa fe. 2003.

birds of a feather.

i just scanned this's from denver in 2006..(mercedez is there now. i haven't seen her in over a week.+i miss you boo-give gerry+larry+richard my love)
also. this is for all my buddies. i love you true blue. y'all make my life on a wire all the more delightful. thank you for all your love and support.
with love of flights of fancy.

tomaselli acid trip in action

.."because it’s mesmerizing. A bit like a Koons in that all you can do is gawp. And a bit like an old Fred Tomaselli painting come to life. Union’s (non-functioning) website here."

p.s. this is a word for word post from delicious ghost...i couldn't have explained it better, so i didn't even try. thanks cliff.

thomas trosch: "spring in park lane"

up at f+f gallery

i've not yet been..

but miss claire has many covetable items from previous EMG sales, notably her amazeballs turquoise platforms sneaks: as seen on her blog header (a lucy's besosyfotos shot:)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

tell me like i was.

godard really blows my mind.
these iphone pictures are baloneypants but the imagery in this movie is outta control.


i like it when subtitles become cheeky art.

anthropology has these radical letters..and not much else.


a project by myoung ho lee opens tomorrow at yossi milo.
i'm not sure i can make it for the opening, as i have family obligations, but it looks like a good show, that i will certainly hope to see soon.
(for some reason chelsea+eat williamsburg feel light years away+thus it's very difficult for me to get there, as much as i'd like.)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

double zipped final fantasy

i've been obsessing over this moto jacket since the day that kat+i stopped into a.p.c. to visit heather, just before we went to l.a.(i.e. months ago)...i have been thinking about it almost every single day since...i'm going to go try it on again. here's hoping that somehow, magically, it won't look as fantastic as i recall...
it would be so nice for all seasons, for forever. i mean, seriously-the double zip is killin' me!

quelle surprise!!!

i got a google alert about this last night.
what an amazing+wild occurence.....
maybe i'm getting somewhere afterall if a lovely teen gal wants to be photoshopped into one of my paintings..(and i have to say this is many peoples least there.)
thank you rai. i'm feeling quite glad about it.

it's a beautiful day for a ride.

miss cris sent this to xabi for his birthday..+i think it's a perfect day to get all sunny+70's.

Monday, March 16, 2009

*we are made of dreams+dreams are made of us.

here are some potential juxtapositions for the court show (as always-click to enlarge).
*quote from godard's pierrot le fou, which i watched last night. the visuals are out of this world...i will be posting a few tomorrow.

like sands through the hourglass, so were the days of our lives.

¡feliz cumpleaños mi amor!

(i made a love note book for him, this is a slice)