Sunday, May 25, 2008

duchamp+the green movement+lost youth

this is my project for the bicycle film festival show, "DearVelo,".
the initial though which spurned me in this direction was duchamp's readymade's..but given that it's almost 100 years after 'the fountain' debuted at the armory show, i had to actually adapt my found object...there was much deliberation, as to what to do and how to do it. but after some testing and sketching. the collage and the gold leaf ideas were chucked.
this is my mossy trike. like if he'd left his in the woods since way back when..notions of recycling-referencing the ever prominent go green ideology- so popular these days. the junk of others being a discovered platform for redefinition...
and the idea of childhood->growth->foundation->grounding and the basic truth of self layering--unique and imperfect, hopefully vital and engaged. & last but not least, thoughts on the shelter/covering/clothing/surrounding elements which allow for an individual to feel comfort..often within a delicate disguise.
besides all that's a super [darling] double vintage trike amalgam of squishy green nice...and it looks better in person, i swear.
p.s.marcel duchamp would've gotten down pretty hardcore,with some ebay.
p.p.s. thank you to all who have helped and supported me through the trials and tribulations of trikeville.
come see the completed piece this thursday:

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