Friday, January 22, 2010

are you thirsty aquarius?

we libra's are too..see you there.

i'll trade you a rubber gum tree for a new lung and some pop rocks.

7.1. chrischa oswald
2. cheap+awesome straw rings!!!! (found on it looks good to me) made by the obvious genius, linda schailon.
3. striped suno skirt
4. ida borg
5. crazy cobalt tie ups with major toe cleavage from the jaded minx.
6. the cheeky anne collier- who has a new show that just opened at anton kern, which i'm gonna have to go check out on the pronto side of things.
7. pink triple bow delights: opening you may recall, i've been dying for pink suede shoes for ages now!

this, los angeles is happening.

dear lala residing readers,

i hope to see you at THIS opening.

february 12.

it looks to be a pretty phenomenal group show +frankly i'm delighted to be included!

see this blog for updates.