Thursday, December 27, 2007

dinner at oliver's

ms.B is from boston. she's been in a hammock down here for 16 years. she bore 9 kids. 7 girls. she's now a vague hostess at oliver's caue he thought it was due time to git out da hammock. he nails are A1.

i adore her. and can see a slice of my future in her, perhaps..without sooo many kiddos bien sur!

still fun

the beautiful fall book review

the beautiful fall: an intellectual fashionista's vista into the 70's life of YSL and KL..
this book deals with the constant competition of karl lagerfeld and yves saint laurent throughout the late '50's thru the '80's..

we are led through the lives of these 2 prolific designers and their respective differences, along with their similarities (sometimes super scandalously..i.e.YSL had an affair with karl's foppish and ruthless lover, jacques).

we get to bear witness, as they are found circumnavigating parisian cliques, euro-aristocrats, and folks in the warhol mileu throughout this radical and uber fashionable period., we find egoism. sex. entourage and above all the posh reality of pret a porter and the fantasy of couture..

amazing and riveting, providing a cast of fabulous characters, dressed to the hilt. along with truth. pomp and circumstance.

the book is illustrated with some wonderful fotos spanning from the mid 1950's to late 197o's and beyond..(truthfully i wish there were more images to peek at)

**loulou de la falaise is a new found hero.

[turner, kat, elizabeth..a must. i.e. a smart stylist dream read]

plus fashion visionaries in excess and druggie gossip to boot!

some fun facts:


kL et l'entourage spent $3500 on surplus baggage for a states bound trip--35 pieces of luggage btw 3 dudes! awesome..(i wish.)

"this is the purpose of life, to get what you want"--KL.

YSL was a manic depressive.

**so, buy and read the book= as it's splendid+fantasy+bougie+parisian fashion romanticism...we can't afford the life, so vicariously indulge!!

brother-in-law beachread

for work but also for fun.