Tuesday, September 2, 2008

was a toss up of orange and black.

c+c tank. vintage tiki tapers+boots from brooklyn flea
inherited sparkle tiger shirtdress, street side (6th ave+19th) st silver earrings worn throughout।

i finally got to wear my radical true to the knee high riding/combat/military boots!! i bought them 2 months ago at the brooklyn flea and yesterday was their debut. my calves were honestly too warm for a good part of the day/evening but it was worth it.

i haven't even unpacked

my bag from spain, but i'm leaving again tomorrow morning for 2 weddings in santa fe....
so much to blog..last nights in madrid, gossip girl premiere, fashion week anticipation, and of course the virgins video shoot from yesterday (previewed by ms. white lightning)...be back in a week with lots of blogging backlog.

friends and franchising

my gals, nicole from circa now and shana from in god we trust are both expanding their fashion empires...go check out the new shops (and rsvp to the circa party)