Saturday, May 24, 2008


along quite well.

alphaville is a+++

i've been going here, very sporadically since '99. back then, i found a sweet popeye iron on from the 50's for my boyfriend at the time. the owner has great taste in pop culture kitch and really reasonable prices considering his location and the dead stock quality of his merch.
this time i was won over [the most] by the crazy big round glasses in obnoxiously rad colors.
at $18. well worth the happiness derived from a summer steez slamdunk!
p.s. white lightning, that bag might have your name on it..just saying.

3D posters

these don't do them justice.
they are waaay more awesome in person.

go to alphaville on varick st. and see for yourself.
[great hilarious gift idea]

self googling

is fun.
i'm glad that if you look for kisses and santa fe, you come here.

charlie's angels at sway

don't ask me why we were at sway.
it's a little odd, as i try to stay as far away from non dive bars as possible. but it was right next to where the tokion creativity now party was...and to make things worse--or rather more odd, they played my ex's bands most popular tune...emo ain't my steez.
c'est la vie.

greenpoint gossip girl season finale

was fun.
thank you for having us.

wild rascals -gotsd- wild rosed

and it all started with the gossip girl season finale...

we ran out of wine so laura and i went down the street to the polish liquor store, searching for well priced [i.e. cheapo] booze. i picked up the wild rose because of the astonishingly awesome label.
i asked for a price check. he said, "$1.87"..
hold up wait a minute, "Whaat?!", i exclaimed, "is it wine?"
he replied, "yes, but it's 20% alcohol"..
laura and i shared a smile and were on board for a jokeE boozeE gift to return with.
a woman waiting at the register turned around and said, " that's what all the bums drink, i don't think you should."
we thanked her for her advice but chose to try it irregardless of the warning.

turns out. it was a surefire hit.
tastes like white porto.

(i do have to say, the lady was right on one accord..the resulting hangover felt a bit like a BUMmer.)

sometimes it's good to know when to quit

found on west 4th btw 7th ave. and w.10th.

this is the second time i have found this kind of art purge on the street. it always leaves me very curious, as to why now? what happened that all of the sudden you decide to rid yourself of all fotos and negatives? was it absolute artistic dissolution? did you realize you're really never going to make it? did you go blind, thus rendering the whole activity useless and irreparable? or gof forbid, did you die and no one ever 'got' your vision?

i dunno but i find it fascinating. and of note. you will never find one of my negatives in the trash. purging is not my style.

OMFG: gimme gimme!!

my dream bag.
where's the sugar daddy?

(courtesy of gnarlitude)

for ms. lady:

who is working her little butt off for Dear Velo,

everybody come out to support ms. thang and me in our first high profile nyc gig, associated with the 8th annual bicycle film festival. the show is opening next thursday at andy spade's gallery on great jones.
[details are a few posts down]

i got warhols in the mail

thanks be to those on high for directing me to ebay a month ago, searching for vintage polaroids...
for my first foray into pop culture art collecting...i think lowballing for some titty warhols ain't to bad. (she's jumping out of mr. mick jagger's bday cake).