Monday, November 12, 2007

"quogue blog"

sunday was a perfect day. truely spectacular. i felt like we were living in some kind of hipster j.crew catalogue. (and cedez and i were able to take our 2007 beach polaroid..a near miss given that it's already november. and we've done one ever year since 2001.)

drive around town

salvation army hunt led to the whales and seals. the chicken quest led to neon pups. the wine tasting led to a llama and champagne flutes.

dinner party stills

saturday rice. pan con tomate with prosciutto .salted hidden chicken. 2 fancy cheese platters. roasted asparagus. roasted chicken. my signature garlic mashed potatoes (in the biggest quantity yet). local champagne. pear and apple and blue cheese butter lettuce arugula salad. selection of international vino. bread pudding for dessert. an intensively collaborative affair. cheers. skoal. salute.
boarding school stories. sleep sack ladies. digital camera shoot off. uncle hale. and one hidden nick name: la'weiner. outed on hand drawn placecards.