Thursday, December 17, 2009

titty time tomo:

here are some shrinky dinks angela crafted on ladies night for tomorrows launch of tits 4 totes, cheek-ie's new calendar.

friday: 7-10pm
169 wythe ave @ n. 6th
(bedford L)

a portion of the proceeds from each calendar will go to benefit the north brooklyn compost project; so by buying brooklyn babes boobs, you'd be helping the local environment!

+newest cheek-ie treasures will be on sale--some of which can be had for 20% off (for this one night only!!).

so basically it's win-win//BooBS-bOObs

three nights ago...we caught a comet out our window*

*i'm not kidding:
at 10:43pm, december 13. 2009.....
RT@besosyfotos: Holy shit. we Just saw a HUGE long-going shooting star from our couch!! #lovenatureinbrooklyn

we were watching a movie+out of my peripheral, i glimpsed movement. IT WAS A SHOOTING STAR...falling towards the city skyline.

now, i love living in the city but from time to time-i miss nature+all her splendor of green+strength...luckily for me-the rail tailed hawk has been flying around my home+the projects-back from it's summer adventures i suppose- almost daily for a few weeks..which makes my morning tea+phone conversations all the more exciting. i'm telling you all of this because i want to be clear: it's getting hella mystical up here.

see above for examples found in last weeks adventures:
an aura picture of the open ocean gals at death by audio, unicorns, dreamcatchers+shrinky dinked wolves at jill's, beverly's wild wiccan robe (i.e. electric feathers) at white lightning+rogan's shindig, jen mankin's covetable cosmo hostess dress+a technicolor dream coat at (my godmothers daughter) cameron goodyear's opening at bird, mercedez's hooded night map quest on grand st., +of course a little bathroom stall poignancy at alligator lounge to really drive the point home (that we're all in this together).

thankin' lucky stars.