Wednesday, April 23, 2008

west side

first L.a. day

balcony view over sunset blvd.

what to wear to the L.a. gun club?

1.louis vuitton headband
2.zucca tank
3.american apparel sweatshirt
4.vintage hustler jeans 2strap flats

[ear mufflers and gun courtesy of LA gun club]


dear ms. jenny davis,
it's been too long dear. i have to say, what a delight it was to speak with you tonight, as i braved the walk of the roosevelt bridge. thank you for your webtacular expertise..super jazzed!
anyhoo, as you can see in this foto, i thought of you in los angeles, while at venice beach.
big besos,

american dreams

(is anybody else almost ready for those t shirts?)

peace out

*middle foto by claire weiss of day19

hollywood teaser


we went to rachel's 30th birthday party with a cop's and robber's theme.

xabi was a sheriff, mercedez was a bandito, while i went as a thieving hippy.
mostly 'cause i found a purple suede vest with loads of fringe at the vintage store on greenwich ave. i went in for suspenders to serve as my gun holster...but got curiously sidetracked and walked out with two ridiculously amazing vintage suede vests..[i guess i'm jazzed for summer '68..or '08. but whatevs, worn with neon bras and dare i say bike shorts or more realistically high waisted denim-it's like '68 crossed with '91..still potentially radical righteous.]

dynamite detrius

birthday leftovers