Tuesday, November 17, 2009


saturday was a particularly gorgeous day in chagrin falls, ohio, perfectly ripe for fotos. i walked around the fields, trailing the chagrin river all morning accompanied by bop pop's sweet (kinda lonely) pup katie.
//sunday we were greeted with a slam jam sunset nyc upon landing in laguardia.
i'd have to say it was a succinct slip outta town.

*suburbia+leisure: titles of 2 of my fave fotobooks by bill owens
Pronunciation: \shə-ˈgrin\
Function: noun
Etymology: French, from chagrin sad
Date: circa 1681

: disquietude or distress of mind caused by humiliation, disappointment, or failure.

for the enthusiast:

thinking of you fondly in chagrin falls. ohio.
saturday. november 14.

it's a doozy, a predicament + a quadry to boot...

while i'm doing my best not to shop much...i really do "need" a new daytime walkabout boot with some lift-. i mean, i love my frye boots to bits but i feel like it's time for a more ladylike addition to the racks+stacks....so, these are some of the chaussures in the running....
(+feel free to vote at the bottom..)these rachel comey's are pretty much perfection..i've been eye-ing the other buckle boot for a couple months now but these two-toners are winning me over...with the slightest sculptural heel, the navy+red combo-pack (which i can never seem to get enough of), the chanel nod-tippler, +a cute buckle to round it out.....might hafta hafta have..(these are currently at the top of the gimme-now pile).
these comey's are a dream navy color suede...perfect for skinnies+dresses+getting dirty, et. al (+you know i love a blue suede shoe boo..)
opening ceremony wedge-tacular...pretty self explanatory as to why these are sweet..lace up, comfy wedge, brownish green (don't have anything in this color)+rad rounded toe.
acne simplicity in all it's goodness grace. i love the winter sky color+the plumped up shape of the heel...+they look comfy to boot (harhar).
the classic comey's of the season..i know quite a few gals that have these+they all swear by them...great shape, subway gal ready-heel, +i have no brown shoes but for the chloes of seasons long gone by..
these are the least likely classic boot investment..but i like the pony-hair spottled situation going on here with the comey dangerfield.
the rachel comey-creatures of comfort addiction continues with these western spirited delights..nice navy nubuck, a great opening shape to show off the ankle+a stacked heel...hmmmmmmmmm...

then there are these jeffrey campbell numbers, which really would be the obvious lady bootie replacement for the frye's....(which by the way- i thought i'd lost out on but are now restocked at oak!)..

what do you think y'all??

too much tiny awesome.

it's ridiculous how amazing my nephew is...just walking+an incredible delight...you'd be lucky to see him dancing+clapping to empire state of mind-i dieeeeee.

btdubs...if i ever have kids i'm gonna be disgusting about bragging+showing off pictures...given that i didn't even make this little man+ i can't stop doing it now!