Tuesday, November 17, 2009

it's a doozy, a predicament + a quadry to boot...

while i'm doing my best not to shop much...i really do "need" a new daytime walkabout boot with some lift-. i mean, i love my frye boots to bits but i feel like it's time for a more ladylike addition to the racks+stacks....so, these are some of the chaussures in the running....
(+feel free to vote at the bottom..)these rachel comey's are pretty much perfection..i've been eye-ing the other buckle boot for a couple months now but these two-toners are winning me over...with the slightest sculptural heel, the navy+red combo-pack (which i can never seem to get enough of), the chanel nod-tippler, +a cute buckle to round it out.....might hafta hafta have..(these are currently at the top of the gimme-now pile).
these comey's are a dream navy color suede...perfect for skinnies+dresses+getting dirty, et. al (+you know i love a blue suede shoe boo..)
opening ceremony wedge-tacular...pretty self explanatory as to why these are sweet..lace up, comfy wedge, brownish green (don't have anything in this color)+rad rounded toe.
acne simplicity in all it's goodness grace. i love the winter sky color+the plumped up shape of the heel...+they look comfy to boot (harhar).
the classic comey's of the season..i know quite a few gals that have these+they all swear by them...great shape, subway gal ready-heel, +i have no brown shoes but for the chloes of seasons long gone by..
these are the least likely classic boot investment..but i like the pony-hair spottled situation going on here with the comey dangerfield.
the rachel comey-creatures of comfort addiction continues with these western spirited delights..nice navy nubuck, a great opening shape to show off the ankle+a stacked heel...hmmmmmmmmm...

then there are these jeffrey campbell numbers, which really would be the obvious lady bootie replacement for the frye's....(which by the way- i thought i'd lost out on but are now restocked at oak!)..

what do you think y'all??


monica burnett said...

that first pair is PERFECTION!


laia. said...

the spotted comeys for sure.