Friday, December 5, 2008

leopard skin pillbox hat

last shot of the night from wednesday night.
basically still recovering from bestE's birthday best.

p.s.i am catching up on about a month of blogging, please be patient.

song for a future generation.

*group therapy: best board game EVER..can't believe i just lost in on ebay by 50 cent..fuck!
**ese obama: at la superior (get the cochinita tacos--i dream about them!)
***tied up--wayyyyyyy too giant-weiner..was walking by some kids at lucy's who were looking at this on a cell phone. i had to take a picture to believe it.

addicted to love.

have a safe road trip to white sands ms.righteous!!
stay in a teepee for me.


turkey town por vida

anna+wiles got permanently wild on thanksgiving.

maine indulgence

mistaken identity

don't think twice, it's alright.