Thursday, May 1, 2008

i'm not usually one for conceptual work, but..

i'm super jazzed on ofer wolberger's project, (life with) maggie. it's truely terrific!
of note: he just won the spring '08 humble arts grant.


the polaroid show is coming closer. kat and i are getting jazzed and a little stressed. check out our new blog, we heart polaroid.
[and my unsold painting finally arrived from london. now on view on s. 3rd in williamsburg]

looking at art

gallery gal

gallery night

aruha yamaoka, a fellow student in last years general studies program at the int'l center of photography, had her first solo show at onishi gallery.

while the great gerry snyder was in town from santa fe as he had a show opening up at claire oliver.. [he was not only a MAJOR figure in my college experience, he is a splendid painter.]

staten island sweeties

friday found around

lady liberty