Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the human equalizer.

fotos from saturday afternoon's art collaborative, which was shot on our roof...we are to become a film by a nice guy (link coming soon).
stills by adam on my iphone
p.s. my quads are still sore..oi vey. got to get back to some exercising..

cadillac grills, dexedrine pills, photoshop skills.

finally back from loads of familytime in jersey+georgia + now, here in brooklyn, i'm finally back on my meds+ back to work- i've been photoshoppin' all day (or trying) for the COURT show... tentatively called 'tangled up in blue'.
i've spent loads of time on lots of ass, old cars+assorted detrius of northeastern/southwestern adventures..here is a sweetass to ponder as i carry on..
(p.s.doesn't this make you long for some summertime swim?!)