Wednesday, December 26, 2007

sisterly stroll

we walked to the far end of the beach. where there is (or so we assume it is) a rehabilitation area/training zone for dolphins. this little guy was super friendly. we waved and he waved back. after we had a squeaky chat, he let me pet him. i've not had the pleasure before. made me (temporarily) want to go into marine biology. i would do too, if there wasn't so much math and science and'll probably see more of these guys, as i told them i'd be back to check in a few more times, if not daily...a good excuse to put my book down, get off my ass and promenade down the beach.

circles&balls on tuesday

what a deal!!

i bought this very same dress in santa fe at my favorite thrift store, marked at $24--on a 1/2 price selling the reissue at the hotel up the beach for $1490.00..that's a lot more than $12.just saying, vintage VICTOIRE!

beachtime vistas

blanchard's for baby jesus (and presents)

and an ode to abbey road
..ZBS and PDM were surely missed. darn paris.

tapenade tip-over

int'l blackberry xmas call to popsali

definately nearing into '08 with blackberry beach calls and beachtime blogging.
missing dad and tatiana and artyom and zacky and parv.

christmas morning