Sunday, May 18, 2008

cravings on craigslist

signing the lease manana!!

after searching craigslist for three years, i've found my new home!! for months, i've been looking for painting studios all over manhattan, bushwick and long island city..nothing was knocking my socks off. the spaces were small, badly lit, no smoking, a long subway ride away, or i was going to have to work in someone else's space..none of which were terribly appealing.
with these facts a reality, i did some math: my manhattan apartment [where i've been for nearly 5 years]+a studio=apparently my new [cue hallelujah music] frickin' digs!!!
now, while i've been a manhattan-ite since moving here to work a NYLON in september'01, i always knew i'd up on the other side of the river eventually.. when something truely knocked my socks off...

consider me barefoot!
house warming and fireworks on july 4th!!