Friday, February 22, 2008

snow day

old and current transportation

can't touch this

jeffrey's and eat diner, respectively

uniformed united

eat meat

run in's

luckily these guys got seated at the next table over from ours. as xabi and andrew were geeking out on foto techE stuff. we got to talk about vintage collecting and awesome lady friends of an established but youthful age. more fun than lighting chats, for me at least..

oopsie doops

५ blocks in a cab

and below by muzi


andrew is tidy.
i am not.

three kings: 208 w.23rd

polar panache

yossi milo and clampart

[last one by sir defrancesco]

coldtime crew

gallery night guy

beret and boozE
10th ave.

hans peter feldman at the int'L center of photography

super fantastic installation.
an astute and analytical viewpoint on the impact of 9/11 around the world.
definitely my favorite room in the whole archive show.

sorry the pics are kinda shit. but you are not allowed to fotograph in the museum, which makes for compromised cropping.

sunny disposition

not quite springsteen