Thursday, April 24, 2008

spring bling II

spring bling

mom's house

remember in amelie..

when the gnome gets fotographed all over..i think i just realized i'm doing that with my bidness cards.

elliot is one lucky son of a gun

[i want a personal teepee and such a nice view of the bridge]

cops and robbers

officer chavez was holdin' it down, sexy bandito was hoarding jewels and candy, while bonnie was ready to shoot 'em up. the homemade masks and various accoutrement were relly quite terrific.
god bless a theme party. [though it makes me miss living in a faux-dobe house in the ghetto's of santa we had some good ones.]

sarah's sweet shoes

this gal's always got on some seriously fave footwear [i.e.the rachel comey 40's suede nurse shoes from fall that i couldn't find in my size, drats]. it makes sense, as she is, indeed, the accessories editor at one of my secret fave mags, TEEN VOGUE
. though i haven't been in my teens for nearly a decade i find that unlike regular vogue, the fashion stories are [nearly or relatively] affordable. on top of that, the entire art direction team i worked with at NYLON moved over to TV when it started, so you know, i'm just trying to keep up with the old colleagues...also i secretly love/hate the 16 year old girl who has the balenciaga and chanel that i do so covet.

pinata and party pananche

stop and [permanently] take notice

if a tree falls and no one blogs about it..

did it really happen?

globos rojos

portrait of a friend

lunch uptown outfit

new jersey calico thrift store dress
chloe platforms
new mexico thrift store obi belt
large cameo necklace from circa now
blue leather a.p.c. purse with plastic link chain