Thursday, April 24, 2008

sarah's sweet shoes

this gal's always got on some seriously fave footwear [i.e.the rachel comey 40's suede nurse shoes from fall that i couldn't find in my size, drats]. it makes sense, as she is, indeed, the accessories editor at one of my secret fave mags, TEEN VOGUE
. though i haven't been in my teens for nearly a decade i find that unlike regular vogue, the fashion stories are [nearly or relatively] affordable. on top of that, the entire art direction team i worked with at NYLON moved over to TV when it started, so you know, i'm just trying to keep up with the old colleagues...also i secretly love/hate the 16 year old girl who has the balenciaga and chanel that i do so covet.

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Claire Lampert said...

Not sure how much of an ebayer you are but I just stumbled upon these beauties...