Thursday, October 28, 2010


i know it's super short notice but if you happen to be around this evening...

please come celebrate the launch of MAGAZINE PARTY, a mini magaZINE, which -among a plethora of wonderful contributions - features a fashion editorial that kat clements, jill bradshaw, erika forster and i collaborated on a few months back.

it should be a really fun event and i'd love to see you!

brooklyn besos,

please the details from the lovely miss jill below:



...@ Rouge 58
555 Metropolitan Ave. between Union + Lorimer

DJs: J Penry + Max Wowch

For those of you who know...i've started a ZINE!!! This is the launch please come out! I will be projecting images of the zine as well as selling a few of these babies. check out the blog for more info:


MAGAZINE PARTY was started to bring magazines back to the art form. Similar to Glenn O'Brien's TV Party, MAGAZINE PARTY aims to hold back from that technically slick feel that defines so many modern publications. Instead it encompasses a more DIY approach, which focuses on a more stripped down style; a style where art itself becomes the core of the design and content aesthetic. For this reason the zine has a limited run and is printed and bound by hand.

MAGAZINE PARTY serves as a forum for friends and artists to contribute something that is a little left of center and gives them the ability to expand from their usual work.

Full list of artists include:
- Kenzo Minami
- Gordon Hull
- Fergadelic
- Jess Rotter
- Zakee Shariff
- Vena Cava
- Elizabeth Spiridakis
- Will Lemon
- J Penry
- Max Wowch
- Alec Friedman
- Louise Sturges
- Kat Clements
- Sarah Kuhn
- Phil Oh
- Justine D
- Roi Cydulkin
- Jason Andrews

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

with eyes this salty, it's seemingly hard to get hit by a rainbow

my apologies for being completey absent in the blogland, but life came up.
in an upheaval,.

anyhoo, i'll fill you in after halloween...but in the meantime, here are some new scans from the last week.

birthday week is hitting the streets.

santa fe->flagstaff->vegas->death valley?->san luis obispo->big sur->san fran!!!

take care+look forward to TONS of pictures when i return.