Friday, July 10, 2009

a cache of compulsive lust in a dimebag full of sun.

6. embroidered bit of cheeky fantastic, as captured by the selby at natalie wood's home in sydney.
2.+4. lounge-ready dress: t by alexander wang.. bracelet arm is crying out for this: arielle de pinto+annitian cotton bracelet with neon thread+silver,
5.alexandra cassaniti repurposed cash it weird that i think this would be a hilarious beach bag+yet equally good for fall...hmm....
6.oh+yep, you guessed it. a deer antler dreamweaver from ebay.

itallian intrigues.

my dear friend pax is in another show..if you happen to find yourself in roma, hop to it.

to wang or not to wang.

that has been the question of the day. everyday for 3 days.
still not sure if it's a good idea..
looks like i'm pushing it back to tomorrow-so it'll be slim pickings+thus not skimming off the visa.

p.s.i hit the rachel comey sale yesterday+got 2 great closet delights- both of which i'll share with you soooon.

here+now, stuck in theatrics of feathers.

i stand presently overcome with visions of a wall smattered with these majestic medicine wheels..
+eventually, i hope to learn how to make my own..perhaps a chanel inspired cc situation?? hmm..the possibilities are endless when the dreams are procured.

i have to say, it's a mystery that after 6 years of living in santa fe, i do not own one--ok, okay, i do have one but aside from the teeny tiny necklace version..... but any way you shake the rain stick..this needs to be remedied asap!
all donations welcome.