Friday, July 10, 2009

a cache of compulsive lust in a dimebag full of sun.

6. embroidered bit of cheeky fantastic, as captured by the selby at natalie wood's home in sydney.
2.+4. lounge-ready dress: t by alexander wang.. bracelet arm is crying out for this: arielle de pinto+annitian cotton bracelet with neon thread+silver,
5.alexandra cassaniti repurposed cash it weird that i think this would be a hilarious beach bag+yet equally good for fall...hmm....
6.oh+yep, you guessed it. a deer antler dreamweaver from ebay.

1 comment:

laia. said...

we got that long alexander wang dress at the store and i fell in love with it.

then i tried it on and it looks like a poopbucket on me. SO HEARTBROKEN