Saturday, March 29, 2008

whitney biennial

fyi: chunkchunkchunk

someone else is drawing foreign garfields on trucks uptown.

suckers on seventy seventh

oral fixation

rouge inspired

finale friends

blog bound


so nice to have this sassy lassy back in our time zone for the first time in what had really seemed and deemed too long.

sir wiles wilen'

an unscheduled happen upon the great mister mister that's kinda like my sister.
well, actually, more like a brother but that doesn't rhyme..
he kindly made us coffee beverages with creme and panache. peddled us safely home and was off like a light.

second foto by k.c.

smashing suzE Q

we only had her for a night and a day. but we love having this one back on the right coast.

pleasant pit stop

[ms. katie clements was a hippy, like myself, in high school. and while we've both given up on the ways of the birks, the carharts and the western frontier. some traces remain. i personally was never hardcore enough for pit hair. leg hair is another story, i haven't waxed the gams since my bro's wedding in '05.]
point being: hippies and euros, eat your hearts out- terry richardson style.

blue backed bitches


brilliant blondie birthday babe

we were lucky enough to have ms. charlotte in town for the art fairs, coinciding with her born day. now, i have an extra special bigtime love for her, as she is not only gorgeous and lovely and smart and fun. she was the first person to buy one of my paintings, this summer in londontown.
so i gave her the circles and squares and stripes book to add to her collection. luckily she loved it, even saying she might bring it over to the fair for some show and tell.
i and we love her so, and hope she moves her sweetass over stateside SOON!! bound to receive more hearts and sequins and flowers and musical knick knacks upon arrival.

giddy glamour shots

bangs is bangin'..nice move jeannie!