Saturday, March 29, 2008

"being true" group show opening at the journal gallery

scene-tacular.the mass of folks standing around outside proved to be an instant deterrant for db and turner . as you can see [on her face] from the earlier post below.
the wait to get in was kind of silly. and once inside, viewing the work was tricky. unless one had thought ahead to bring a pogo stick.
apparently i may have offended one of the artists, as i walked out saying, "it's not really worth it".
c'est la vie. i would like to go back during the day because some of the artists really are great.
oh yeah. and the double fisting pbr kids in the bottom photo. well, they weren't sure they should have their foto taken. cause they 'weren't supposed to be here'. high school feels so far back, it's hard to recall that fear of the folks sentiment.
oh and big ups to the bouncer for his sweet cazal glasses, befitting for an opening featuring jamel shabaz's work.

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