Sunday, February 24, 2008

thinking of...

sometimes all you need is a quaco loco in your life

san loco style

portraits of some players

chelsea crew

you're doing a great job.

thanks david marshall for hosting the first of our new monthly drawing parties

see you in 4 weeks, same place same time.

i appreciate your drawings and your subway reading.

exit /entry

the wit and the spit.

we really bring out the best in each other.

by ms.ladypants

my heart hurts: exquisite corpse

point it out

burning down the house part 2

decorative parts

seems like, she likes to put things on her boobie.


i went to two birthday party and came away with my own gifts.
thank you james for my all the way from africa accessories and beaded doily.
and merci beaucoup for my tied up heart from andrew.


drawing party

paint and pens and pencils and college buddies and other buddies and booze and banter