Monday, February 1, 2010

we've not met by name but i've loved you from my window.

8.1. the red tailed hawk of east williamsburg/bushwick...he makes my days more mystical when he comes into view..really a beautiful sight in the doldrums of this long bitter cold winter...i have yet to name him-any+all suggestions welcome.
2. my newly acquired 3D galloping horse picture, of which i am terribly fond...accented by the prism effects of a new favorite feng shui addition to our window. (i got this awesome gadget from my sister+her hubby for christmas-so rad!)
3. my second's not quite done but it's getting there...more fabric+feathers+charms will be added shortly.
4.susan's epic lace+doily delights
5.watermelon+prickly pear juice lunch at la superior with lady jill
6.another night at maracuja's
7.cedez got scolded for this frozen weiner by a waitress at hotel delmano..she thought it was absurdly rude while we found it utterly hilarious! (not sure we'll ever outgrow this juvenile winter tradition)
8.galpals at claire's birthday party+a touch of rodarte for targay.