Thursday, March 13, 2008

trenton shoot out

every time i go home, since i moved to santa fe in 1998, i have thought to spend days at a time there, in order to photograph. i never do.
i'm going to start.
it's ripe for all sorts of discovery.
from post industrial detrius to suburban snarky...
stay tuned.

merchandiser's [not so hidden] message?

seriously, this is how we found it.

pop it like it's hot

there's a moment when one can thrift no more. an overwhelming loss of focus. today, it led me to try on this tawdry tulle number.
f.y.i. if you are, by chance, looking for used wedding dresses of the 80's kind-salvation army on rt 33 in trenton is the divorcee drop off.

so much for the end of corruption in politics

right out the window and into a hole, i mean hotel room.

b.L.t. B.gone

dynamic diner dining

my morning bed hopping bitches

[of the most pretty-platonic kind]

princeton, nj. 10:17am