Monday, November 19, 2007

who would survive?

if the plane crashed into the mountains. what would you have with you to survive?? so we emptied our bags..on display: mine.gary.jacq.gina.andrew....a selection of what we had amongst us: 1/2 bottle of water. safety pin, 4 passports. 1 picture of L.lohan.cigarettes. 3 packs of matches. a bunch of fingerless gloves. marimekko umbrella. leatherman tools. carabeaner. weed. 2 moleskins. various pens and coins. watercolor pencils. a.d.d. amphetamines. polaroid camera. digital camera. a treo a sidekick and an iphone for gps. one birthday candle. 1 q-tip.and tape. i think we'd make it.

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