Sunday, December 14, 2008

a slow walk in a yellow submarine

they arrived friday afternoon on my doorstep in a pretty yoox box!! i spent a bit of time in my closet playing around with potential outfits made possible with the help of these yellow fantastics..for the friday studio party of ms. jacqueline+samantha pleet+their studio mates-i decided on these crazytown drop crotch pants i thrifted in albuquerque (savers strikes gold again!), a super holey old jockey t i've had since high school (probably a hand me down from my sisters punkish phase), and my newly acquired orchestra conductor tux with tails coat (found at the tuleste market sample sale+vintage score party on thursday)...
the 3rd picture is me+ms.enthusiast+sir steve representing our blogtown booties..hers-another covetous argentine score, his-the loveable justin shorty lace up riding boot.
so, the verdict is, i love them to death but i must say even for me, who's been wearing 5 inch platforms since i was a mere 17 year old hippy dippy chick in jersey--these prove to be quite a doozy to walk in. not only are they higher than they look but they don't hold the feet in very well-i.e. the heel slips out, i say with slight sadness, while they really are amazing, sadly they will not make it into the everyday wearable shoe rotation..more like a standing room only/car service kinda deal.
but whatevs. i love them + could never have pulled off this more avant garde ( for me) look without them!
p.s.(i would've posted this earlier but our internet has been punking out on me.)


laia. said...

soo good.

i hear you on the hard-to-walk-ness i have them in that oxblood red color and they are a real pain in the neck!

white lightning said...

you in yellow chloe, steve in balence bellbottoms, kat in shiny green heart is full of LOVE FOR MY AWESOME FRIENDS.

my black chloe romper stomper boots are impossible to walk in. sad secret truth about chloe shuz perhaps?

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

the weird thing is that my brown ones are even taller+honestly super comfy--though is suppose the platform under the pad of the foot is higher.
it's really some bummertown 'cause them chloes are really black red yellow + every other color.
blerg..maybe some moleskin in the back would help and some padding elsewhere..i dunno but i sure do like the way they look.