Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ran for the border

i haven't had the opportunity to eat taco bell in the city for just about a year now. some of you may remember the well publicized rat takeover of '07 at the kfc/tb in the village. well, that was my taco bell.
now, some may scoff but i fucking LOVE me some tb. always have, always will. and aside from the creep out factor of rats and the like, i miss the convenience of one of my all time comfort meals just down the block.
anyhow, long story short, yesterday i awoke with a hankering, and was thus forced to swallow my pride and hoof it over to union square for a reunion with my chicken gordita supreme [with seven packets of hot sauce]. upon return home, i was rewarded with a now cold, but just as kind of amazing as always, treat.

below is the clip of the fox news report about my now shuttered old haunt.

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