Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the new wave knitting circle

i hosted the innaugual babes of blogtown blogfest last night, over here in the west village. lady elizabeth and lovely kat
were on hand to dish out one liners and dig into fine cheeses. the evening was sponsored by barefoot wine [which turns out to be the official wine of pro beach volleyball 2007] and we indulged like pro's indeed. these fine females are not only uber bloggers but fantastically styled portable awesomeness. [perfectly torn tights and japanese edition keds and epic chains and miu miu strap additions were on display] topics ranged from professional blogging pitches to boulder police let off's to madhatter men to shopaholic tendencies with a side of family synopsis and pop culture intrigue.

some minutes from the meeting:
"his brain is a fragmented fucking spiderweb of freaktown."-white lightning

"i'm gonna blog all over myself"-the enthusiast

"i was drunk and scared."-besosyfotos about why i didn't learn spanish while living in spain back in '03.

"oh, i thought you said you were waiting for me. but you said you got some lil'wayne for me"-the enthusiast to ADF studio

for all of you who couldn't make's in your bestest badass interest to come next time...not so much for blogging purposes but for exchanging on the realz. see elizabeth's post for her take on the fine fiesta.

p.s. props to white lightning for a fantastic besosyfotos screensaver and a cluttered desktop, as it reminds me of our continually proven alignment.


elizabeth said...


i forgot "i'm gonna blog all over myself"

ahhaaaaahahahahah. oh shit.

dang we're all SO GOOD.

brendan donnelly said...

DUDE!! why was i NOT invited!! i can cyber knit.. im really offended. truth.