Thursday, September 22, 2011

remember that time we danced in the foggy exploding stars?

here i am, once again feeling terribly lucky to have such remarkably radical friends!!

i can't begin to describe how overjoyed i was this afternoon to receive this AMAZING record of last years librAwesome californiAdventure.. sent to me by the one+only mr. multi-talented danny sangra, my newest libro birthday week buddy+bestE's future forever, who has wowed me full-tilt in oh so many ways+certainly again today with his impeccable video documentation skills.

it's just simply delightful to see the still images i've been processing, since our return last october, come back to life in real time...
[also kinda wild that it's been nearly a whole year since, and it's almost time for our 2nd annual;]

i hope you enjoy it nearly as much as i do!

p.s. i strongly suggest watching it full's way better that way;)

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