Tuesday, November 30, 2010

we lean on each other to eat the wind.

my my, it's been awhile.

here are some of my latest scans-mostly from the grande tour of oh ten with a smattering of summer+morocco thrown in.

i hope you enjoy them...and please feel free to comment on favorites or least interesting shots--y'all know how i LOVE feedback. (+especially cause i've got my grad school deadline coming up and am trying to get the most solid grouping together...so please don't be shy;)



Anonymous said...

i love the progression from the painted sky, to the sky to the painted sky to the water.

Also, the shower and the sunset city scape and the girl laughing on the rock.

grant said...

marilyn in the woods!!!! Yes!

EDCAT Summer Calander said...
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crotch said...

I love the smoke bomb images. The "skinnydippers" images are also amazing and would like to see more images from that series [not just because I like naked girls butts:)]. I think my least favorite are the sunset and the image before that (girl in pool). Can I use a couple of these for CIRCA? Love you mucho!! Come visit us!! Clementine will need to meet her Auntie Louisie.

Leighton (demuele)Meester said...

I love them all! The smoky one in the woods(?) maybe 4th from the top is my favorite, though. They're beautiful!

jo said...

i love this collection of photos! esp the cheeky pulled down bikini ones - so funny! and i can see how much fun it must have been too. so envious and in need of a holiday right now!

Kiki Colore said...


brownpapercake said...

oh man Louise, there are really some stellar photos in here. Highlights include:
-Pink and Green smokey fireworks/sparkles explosion.
-Ropes from the sky
-Hot bod in cloud room
-Bikinis or Bust


Patrick said...

My faves are 3 and 5, and that one of Kat in the water is awesome too. Good luck editing, tough decisions.