Tuesday, March 4, 2008

my tongue has issues

this guy is AMAZING, a genius. he loved my vintage native american head ring, that i got at antique mall in maine last summer..he had one in the 50's with a black motorcycle jacket, 'it was THE thing then, you know, cigarette dangling out of the mouth and james dean and all..'..'sounds familiar', i said.
then he drew a picture of my tongue, and he proceeded to explain all the issues, emotional and physical, that i have and currently experience. i knew i was a loud mouth sometimes, but not that my tongue could give away so much without cognition.
at $25 with my icp student discount, this is a real steal and the real deal.
my back has released a lot of tension with just one visit.
so all i can say is get thee to pacific college clinic and needle out.


charchar said...

these are cool.. I like the one of him holding your wrist.

The Enthusiast said...

i can't wait to run into you in the waiting room.
and i am so glad that you are going...
your pulse seemed a little wiry the last time we hung out.