Wednesday, April 1, 2009

we linked arms to the waterfront

just after finishing up a meeting with the lovely christophe (about a potential foto blogging gig at, my buddy joel (the albertan's main man) called me saying he needed band fotos by the end of the day for some promo.
i grabbed my polaroids (! my 680 is fixed!!!), some film packs+headed to their rehearsal space on n.6th.. we meandered over to the water to the newish park off n.7th and kent (the one with sweet manhattan in the background).
i shot one pack (10 fotos) +c'est tout! we were done, with 3 that they loved ready to go.

(not my best shadow shot, c'est la vie.)

dear readers, i want to sincerely apologize about the crap quality of the digi work as of late. my lumix is still broken+i can't find the warranty-but i remain hopeful, +thus not (yet) buying a new one..also, i have been taking tons of polaroids but gues what?..we have misplaced the power cord to our flatbed scanner+thus haven't been able to get them up on here.
however, i borrowed some from josh last night, so we're on the up.
quality control--coming soon.

they have a residency that starts next thursday at cameo gallery..more info here.


Jacqueline said...

Sweet pics love.

turnstyle1 said...

youre amazing really.