Thursday, November 5, 2009

a pause in the social sabbatical to commence forthwith.

i may have to miss the tracey emin opening as i'm not sure i can do a williamsburg opening+a chelsea opening with all the work i have left to do in the studio...which by the way is really coming along. as some of you may know i'm trying to have a social hiatus to get all these projects in order-as i've had too much fun for the past few months+now it's really beyond time to get #$*& done! (though i have to say, it's really really difficult stay in-as my fun friends are always doing fun things+it's a bummer to miss them-but what can you do...there's always a next time, right?)

anyhoo, as per studio projects...i'm in the midst of reinstalling the collection/consumption project+i'll share fotos of it soon-it's really getting genuinely epic. the sketchbook project has been occupying a good portion of my time-it's been a great re-entry into my old sketchbooking practice (which i ostensibly gave up on when i started this blog+for which, i've got big plans for revisiting in the nearest of futures)..i will scan a couple of pages soon to share...while that's happening in the painting studio, i'm climbing up to the photo studio to scan all the good polaroids+mamiya pics from this summer...+i'm just starting to work out the layout for a (LONG OVERDUE) new website! for which i am getting majorly jazzed-i've got some dreamy pictures+fun ideas that should (hopefully hoping) be up by the new year. [jenny if you're reading this-we're gonna skype soon!]
so, yep-lets of projects-lots of collaging+long hours of sorting (i'm such a packrat it's creepy--but being a photographer, a clotheshorse, a mixed media painter+a majorly sentimental gal, it's nearly impossible not to be!)+major hand+knee cramping=some serious satification over hurrr ...

point being, i'm falling off the social wagon tonight+i'll be at capricious for the nefer/nfr opening-followed by a jaunt over to say hi to the butcher boys brent+tom mylan+ben (formerly of marlow+daughters) over at meat hook, the new brooklyn kitchen venture..

hasta lluego amigos.

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jyd, or jr if you're nasty said...

of course I am!! can't wait.