Wednesday, February 11, 2009

sturges spring cleaning sample sale

dear besosyfotos readers,
i am thinking to host a byob sample sale/grab bag party..i have toooo much shit+am wasting prime real estate (hellloo nyc) on a slew of clothes that i do not wear, fit in, want...i know that fashion week starts pronto so i'm thinking the week after next might be the best..if i didn't email you already-i either am a space cadet or i don't have your email..
there is an option to bring clothes you want to get rid of..and when we're good and done, i'll call a charity to come pick up the detrius.
leave me a comment if you want to be privy to the date (or stay tuned here-i'll probably post a little somethin).
word up. lemon out.

1 comment:

Battle said...

holla at me, you know i'm going to try and squeeze my size 40s into all of your shoes!