Thursday, July 24, 2008

back to the hospital

for sir wiles..
seriously folks. please ride safely. as, i am uninterested in any further midnight (tuesday night) calls, informing me of bloody loves. this time it was a little less scary, as there was no head trauma. but there was, instead, a gaping gash of boo-nasty, skin flap and all.
i will say godbless to julia, the kind (greenpoint based) doctor at st. vincent's who sewed 14 stitches in josh's arm. all and all, it was a much less treacherous ER expedition, full of joshin' around and pretty hilarious antics. we were definitely the most high spirited folks in the overstuffed emergency ward. i think we may have cheered a couple of lonesome souls up..and some lady (who wiles thought looked like skeletor) thought we looked like people in a sitcom.
xL is on my top priority list right now, so take heed and look both ways... the by, (if you live in wburg/bushwick) i hugely recommend taking a car into the city and bypassing woodhull, if you can..the service is like 1 million times better...i'm a little freaked out that i know the difference, but c'est la vie..

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