Sunday, May 9, 2010

the flash was too bright and i lost your eyes.

the dossier launch party (fete-ing miss turner's cover/splendid collaboration with cass bird+daria) was another fun night at the national arts club...[speaking of, i'm getting glad that i've been there twice in as many months-hopefully this is a trend that will keep up.]
since i've been neglecting this whole photo blogger about town thing lately, i thought i'd take a couple scenester photos for you...
of the blindingly white kate Lanphear + friend (both very sweet+silly i might add)..and oliver zahm (who was running around foto-ing every little detail in the joint with his hot babe of the eve) with my buddies angela and leonard...but the top highlight had to be my run-in with a high school best babe-pearl lee! our circles overlap in a serious fashion but we haven't been lucky enugh to glimpse each other for years...a good night.

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