Saturday, January 26, 2008

had to admit myself into the hospital today

my brother came over, he read the back of the tylenol bottle-where it states, if the fever continues for longer than 3 days, one should see a professional..[my temperature had gotten up to 104 twice in the last 2 days, and this all started tuesday night].anyhow, given that it was a saturday, our only choice was to walk..or baby-cripple step for me up to st vincents on 7th and 13th..
after waiting for 2 hours, they let me in but didn't let xabi in. so solo i went.
there i was in the midst of a whole bunch of sickies. and we're all just laying in our respective gurneys in one big long room staring at the folks across the room. watching the emt's bringing in guys with chest pain, a lady and a guy who looked already pale and dead, and a gal who'd suffered a seizure-to name a few.
add to said excitement was the symphony of beeps from ekg's and other metering devices along with the crazy-ers yelling for assorted demands-sandwiches, nurses, doctors, urinals..really ran the gamut.
had 3 iv' to come manana.
[p.s. i definitely saw some dudes creepy ass by mistake]

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