Friday, February 29, 2008

almost bought pants

i went in for the high waisted gingham chloe peg legs and almost ended up with euro (pause) hammer pants. but i left with some radical sunglasses from grey ant and a stripey tank from alexander wang...
story goes:the c.s. pants were great but a little baggy. as it appears she had them cut the patterns a bit big. at 5'8" i am certainly no size small, for these i needed the small. obviously they were sold out..their clients or patrons, rather, tend to be on the slighter side..

anyhoo, thursday's lesson learned again.
procrastination nation needs to go on vacation.

opening ceremony

p.s. remind me to cut up my credit card..this fashion shit's dangerous..


elizabeth said...

were the dresses cute? did they have my boots? i am trying DESPERATELY not to spend money but...i really want those'd look great in those hammer pants, i know it

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

the dresses way too boxy for me and my boobs..well, actually, the underwire floral #was great but waaay over my little summer dresses budget..

shoot girl, you may have just convinced me as per hammer pants. i was thinking to return the tank and get them..definitely more of a statement piece..
shoot.gonna hafta hafta.