Saturday, October 25, 2008

it's complicated..

i was really trying not to buy stuff but these were too good to pass up. + shockingly, i don't have any brown winter shoes, other than my 4.5 inch chloe platform booties from 2 years ago (fyi:rationalization is a mega strong suit of mine) i had a full out bidding war (with some jerk) for these fine lace ups...i think they're kind of a great mix of 70's hippydip with a slight touch of the (too goth for me) ann demeulemeester's ...kind of a convenient juxtaposition of my kinda shoe..


turnstyle said...

omg. honey, i own those. we could be twins! i got mine in san francisco.

Battle said...

those demeulemeester's aren't too goth for me...nothing is too goth for me...oy...such pain.

you never should have allowed me a peak into your bedroom. i'll be forever jealous now i know we're the same size.

turnstyle said...

first of all, goth... im obsessed with goth. goth goth goth. victorian goth!? white lace, black leather like.