Thursday, January 15, 2009

fyi: there's currently a plane in the hudson river..

turner alerted me to this story from location in miami..all i have to say is-holy shit. this is too many crashes..too close to home....apparently it went down due to a bird strike. damn canadian geese at it again. luckily none of the 150 odd passengers were hurt. thankfully the pilot, who's known as sully, was talented enough to actually (+apparently expertly) land the plane in the water..below is the flight tracker...

+in a mildly related fashion note..i'd like you to know that this jacket is my new obsession:
proenza schouler is killing me with this blue bomber..PLEASE make it would be so wrong for it not to be..

godspeed to all y'all.


suzanne marie mejean de saint bresson said...
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suzanne marie mejean de saint bresson said...

you do realize that I know Lazaro Hernandez (the proenza half of that team) from my MK days.