Tuesday, April 14, 2009

*it's all happening*

in the last 24 hours:
*the show catalogue assembly has begun.
*we've finalized the image edit.
*the layout for hanging the work is sorted.
*nicole's main man, dave, is going to hang the pictures.
*we decided on boxes..i know where to get that done! (maybe you didn't know: i hate frame shops- for some reason, they really intimidate me)
*sari is going to help me with my remedial photoshop (+if we get ambitious we'll make a zine version of this hardcover, as seen above).
which leads me to tell you...
mark your calendars:
the opening night party is going to be may 15th at COURT!!!
(seriously, do it. put it in your analogue or virtual datebook, like now!)
p.s.i will need all you bloggers to help me with promoting!
p.p.s.i will need YOU all there for cheers!
p.p.p.s.miss thang is working on a liquor sponsor!

(oi vey, can you tell i'm excited? i mean, with so many things getting knocked off the to do list, i can't help but over use !!!!!)