Tuesday, April 21, 2009

oh, snap. i've been caught in a trap.

ok, well, i've been obsessed with espadrilles for years. my mom used to pick them up on trips to france+ wear them in the warmer seasons. +really, i think it's the perfect summer shoe for anywhere anytime. night/day/dresses/skinnies/hot pants, you name it-they all go with a drille..and the comfort level is on par with keds but they are a step beyond. now, i love me a killer heel but sweaty feet+tromping around the city.. well, i prefer comfort over suffering (mostly).
so, shit. i thought i was being so good not shopping. (or trying not to anyway..that moto got me a little tricked up).. unfortunately i'm on bird's email list+well, i'm probably going to have to cough it up for these tsumori chisato numbers (+for her the price is quite reasonable)...the hard part will be picking a color...