Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a dreary day with notions from far+wide.

i've been introduced to a new favorite brit!!! and now i introduce to you, miss chrissie abbott! not only is she besties with my besties over at righteous plaisant, but she is a PHENEMENOL artist, who's on this side of the pond making it happen with her skilled artistry+beautiful face. check out her blog, clouds and monsters (i can't seem to get her website working but it's here.)

i got stuck on the internet all night last night+the last thing i looked at before bed was jean- baptiste mondino's facebook page..don't ask it was 6 in the morning. (yikes) but i liked these 2 shots. now, you may have noticed, i'm not one for studio fotos but he definitely captured heir karl in action, which seems difficult, as he's quite literally always buttoned up..+as for miss thang. well she's awesome(+ honestly it paired well with chrissie's work)..

seriously considering this liberty printed situation for my summer swim bath (xabi's term)..i think it would look quite nice in mallorca+maine.

this fiona paxton gal is getting me jazzed on her neckware. someday soon i'm gonna get some to add to the collection...(maybe i'll even ask for one for my 30th bday in october.)

y'all know i love a romp in a romper+this one from a.WANG would be totally righteous with the moto. (but because of the moto+the majorca, i won't be getting it)
i really need to start quilting+making zines+this guy looks like it could do the job. AND look good as i ponder diy.
tavi reminded me that it was miss edie's birthday yesterday..this shiny little smokestack had the earring collection, i covet more than anyone, ever.
these alexander wang for superfine are what i've been looking for. a loosey goosey situation for the waist ('cause let's get real, i've been eating+drinking too much..+the whole salad thing has lost it's appeal) paired with skinny bottoms for my best half...but sadly the price is not so nice..so, might have to employ the genius's at C&D i.e. claire and dustin to sort something out for me with a pair of bdg jean?
june.june.june.june.june.june.june.june.june.june.june.june.june.june.june.coming soon...
just seems like a good idea. i love pictures+lil'edie..seems like a perfect reference guide.
i just adore this picture made by ADF in collaboration with the most delightful enthusiast.
he needs to shoot more, but he knows i feel that way.

+ lastly this skirt. which has been hovering on my desktop with no where to go, for weeks. i can't recall where it's from but i love the textiles, so there.
also, see here and here for creamsicle flavored a.p.c. items i love but can't drag off the site.

c'est tout.

now i need to go do real work on the COURT catalogue...


C.C said...


www.claireanddustin.com !!!!


Skirt is by the super amazing Tina Kalivas!